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“Servers Have Souls Too” (S04E10)

After the incident with the exploding Hooli phones at Hooli-Con, Jack Barker intends to replace all 9 million affected devices, instead of just releasing a firmware update, an exceedingly expensive plan that goes against the wishes of the Hooli board. This puts Pied Piper in risk of breaching contract with FGI, as the cell phone…

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“Hooli-Con” (S04E09)

The team heads to Hooli-Con with a plan to mask the Pied Piper app as the event’s wifi access point using strategically placed routers, in order to get Pied Piper installed in the maximum number of phones possible. After running into his ex-girlfriend Winnie, who is presenting her boyfriend’s app, Richard sabotages their laptop’s screensaver,…

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“The Keenan Vortex” (S04E08)

Due to a wave of unusually cold weather and consequent insurance claims, FGI faces a lot more data processing requirements than Pied Piper is expected to handle, and the team is facing an astronomical bill from their data storage center provider for the sudden spike. Richard decides to attract investment from another client to handle…

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“The Patent Troll” (S04E07)

Pied Piper’s space saver app is online and reaches the top 500 apps on the Hooli store. Richard is contacted by Stewart Burke, a retired attorney that lives off royalties earned by “patent trolling” musicians and tech companies for intellectual property of their work. He asks Richard for a licensing fee of $20,000 as he…

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“Customer Service” (S04E06)

Russ Hanneman visits the incubator and angrily confronts Richard for presenting Gavin Belson with the decentralized internet idea, which Russ considers he co-owns. Richard still tries to get Russ to fund them, but he urinates inside Erlich’s yellow Corvette before leaving. After this, Richard decides to skip trying to convince investors and go directly to…

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“The Blood Boy” (S04E05)

As Richard presents the business plan for the decentralized internet project, he almost convinces Gavin to have a discreet, under-the-radar launch, but Bryce, a jock who regularly donates his blood to Belson and is present at the meeting, influences Gavin to have them rethink their entire launch strategy. After the meeting, a furious Richard and…

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