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“Teambuilding Exercise” (S04E04)

Gavin is initially reluctant to build Richard’s idea, but seeing as it will render Hooli’s servers (and Jack Barker’s Hooli Endframe box) obsolete, he agrees. Knowing that the guys would never work for Gavin, he assembles a team of people outside the incubator to assemble the platform, but ends up adding Gilfoyle and Jared, who…

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“Intellectual Property” (S04E03)

In the disastrous aftermath of the acquisition of PiperChat, Gavin Belson is fired and replaced with Jack Barker, who has found a way to prevent Hooli from paying the penalty from COPPA. Having learned that Jian-Yang’s app is actually about octopus recipes and not Oculus VR, Erlich hopelessly watches as he tries to pitch it…

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“Terms of Service” (S04E02)

PiperChat is gathering attention from investors and a steady stream of daily active users, while Richard keeps working on his “new internet” project. When he asks Dinesh for access to PiperChat’s data repository, Dinesh informs him that he has blocked him out, as well as all former employees, which breaks their verbal agreement. A sympathetic…

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“The Uptick” (S03E10)

An elephant that Gavin Belson used to make a point at a board meeting dies at Hooli Campus. When his assistant Patrice opposes Belson for getting rid of the 9-ton corpse in secret, she gets fired. Patrice contacts C.J. Cantwell to publish the story on Code/Rag. Richard finds out about Jared’s clickfarm operation with Dinesh…

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“Daily Active Users” (S03E09)

Laurie hosts a cocktail party at her place to celebrate the five hundred thousandth download of Pied Piper’s platform. Richard calls Monica aside and reveals to her that the number of daily active users is actually very poor, something that only he and Jared know. Realizing that the beta version of the platform was only…

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“Bachman’s Earning’s Over-Ride” (S03E08)

Pied Piper is a success, hitting 100,000 downloads in just 10 days, receiving significant media coverage and being hailed as the next unicorn of the tech world. During an interview for Bloomberg, Erlich almost lets slip that he no longer owns any Pied Piper shares. When Richard learns about this during an interview with a…

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