“Teambuilding Exercise” (S04E04)

Gavin is initially reluctant to build Richard’s idea, but seeing as it will render Hooli’s servers (and Jack Barker’s Hooli Endframe box) obsolete, he agrees. Knowing that the guys would never work for Gavin, he assembles a team of people outside the incubator to assemble the platform, but ends up adding Gilfoyle and Jared, who admit they want to be in the team. Jian-Yang tests his Seefood app, but it only works for recognizing if a food is a hotdog or not. Erlich, realizing that the app will only work properly if thousands of pictures of food from the internet are checked manually, convinces Big Head to make his students do this instead of their regular assignment, which is watching technology-related movies in class. However, they meet with Coleman Blair Partners and create their own food based app, rendering Seefood useless. Predicting that the app will fail to be funded, Erlich trades his equity for a Corvette Jian-Yang bought with the rest of the initial funding money. However, Jian-Yang manages to pivot the project as a filter for ‘dick pics’ and Periscope acquires the app for $4 million. Dinesh, who, thanks to Gilfoyle’s remarks, is starting to get paranoid about his new girlfriend, is still the app’s main programmer, and ends scrubbing pictures of penises from the internet as his main duty.

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