“Customer Service” (S04E06)

Russ Hanneman visits the incubator and angrily confronts Richard for presenting Gavin Belson with the decentralized internet idea, which Russ considers he co-owns. Richard still tries to get Russ to fund them, but he urinates inside Erlich’s yellow Corvette before leaving. After this, Richard decides to skip trying to convince investors and go directly to the customers, presenting the project to companies so they buy the product even if it’s not built yet. After several meetings that fail because all the valley knows Gavin Belson has jumped ship, they present their idea to Liz, Head of Compliance at insurance company FGI whose CTO, and Liz’s fiancée, is Dan Melcher, who punched Erlich at Tech Crunch disrupt after he slept with his two former wives. Richard keeps Erlich at bay so that he doesn’t put the deal at risk by seducing Liz, but ends up having sex with her during a late night meeting. Unaware of this, Melcher informs him that the deal will go ahead. Meanwhile, Erlich inadvertently crashes into a tech meeting with Keenan Feldspar, whose VR headset is the valley’s latest sensation. Having previously failed to convince Monica and Laurie to hire him at their new VC company Bream-Hall, he uses Feldspar and his promising tech as leverage to get a job with them.

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