“Success Failure” (S04E01)

Pied Piper has officially pivoted to PiperChat, a video chat app created by Dinesh, which is seeing a constant increase in users and is vastly superior to everything else in the market. However, the team is desperately trying to fund it and failing, mostly because of the bad rep generated by the demise of Pied Piper’s compression platform and associated clickfarm upticks. After clashing with Dinesh and Gilfoyle over the development of the app and making a last-ditch attempt to get Russ Hanneman to fund it, Richard realizes that he can’t go on being the CEO of a project he doesn’t believe in. Just as the team prepares to replace him with Big Head, he quits his position and equity to use his algorithm and the Pied Piper brand in the pursuit of a more ambitious goal: a new, decentralized and free internet based on users and smartphones and not companies and mainframes. Having created the software, he suggests Dinesh become the CEO of PiperChat, even if Jared is heartbroken by Richard leaving. Meanwhile, Gavin Belson and Jack Barker are returning from China after closing a deal to manufacture Hooli Endframe’s box there. Jack asks for their private jet to be diverted to fly him to Jackson Hole, which is completely out of the way of Gavin’s destination at Moffett Field. Jack then acts like a slob on the plane. An enraged Belson “promotes” Jack by assigning him a position at a desk in Hooli’s data center, deep underground.

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