“Runaway Devaluation” (S02E02)

After learning of Hooli’s lawsuit, Laurie Bream decides that Pied Piper is too big of a risk and decides to drop the company from Raviga Capital’s portfolio. Bachman and Hendricks meet with the other venture capitalists and are informed that due to the lawsuit, along with their behavior at the previous meetings, they are no longer interested in Pied Piper. Meanwhile, Dinesh meets with his cousin Wajeed who is crowdfunding an app called Bro, which is similar to Yo but instead sends the word “bro”. After hosting a crowdfunding party and a $500 donation from Gilfoyle meant to irritate Dinesh, Wajeed meets his goal of $50,000. Jared finds a venture capitalist on the Bro app, but when they meet it turns out to be a “brain rape” scam to steal their algorithm, causing Bachman and Jared to quickly end the presentation. With no options left but to hire a “cheap” lawyer for $2.5 million, Gavin Belson calls Hendricks and asks to meet him privately. At a bar, Belson proposes Hooli acquiring Pied Piper and bringing Hendricks back into the Hooli team. Belson says that on the path he is on right now, Hendricks is forming the exact type of “soulless” corporation he despises. As Hendricks begins to respond, a mariachi band interrupts them, and the episode ends.

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