“Sand Hill Shuffle” (S02E01)

Pied Piper learns of Peter Gregory’s death in the Serengeti, leading to questions about Raviga Capital’s viability as an investor for their Series A funding. With this uncertainty, Bachman and Hendricks pitch Pied Piper to numerous venture capitalists who are trying to woo them. They find that being rude leads to better reception, to Bachman’s surprise. Meanwhile, Raviga’s partners select Laurie Bream as their new managing partner, whose eccentricity resembles Peter Gregory’s. Monica learns that Pied Piper is the firm’s only hope for survival. The firms deliver their term sheets and just as Bachman selects a firm, Bream and Monica arrive to deliver Raviga’s term sheet – $20 million at a $100 million valuation, the highest. They are about to accept it when Monica sneaks by after hours to warn Hendricks against taking a high amount, saying that if the company cannot increase their valuation, they will not be able to secure further funding. At Peter Gregory’s funeral, Bream approaches Hendricks and asks if he has made a decision. Hendricks says that he will choose Raviga if they lower their term sheet to $10 million at a $50 million valuation, a move Bream is surprised by but accepts. The funeral is attended by many, including the founders of Snapchat and Gavin Belson. As Belson speaks about his relationship with Gregory, Hendricks receives a message informing him that Hooli is suing Pied Piper for intellectual property theft.

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